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Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Hereby the “Agreement”, the Xilla Tech Terms of Service is amended, governed by the laws of Pennsylvania, United States. The Agreement is a commercial relationship between Xilla Tech hereby the “Provider” and their Customer, hereafter “Client”.

By utilization of the Provider’s services, deliberate written agreement, discord checkbox fulfillment does he the Client agree to, and the following of the Xilla Tech Terms of Service and its inherent terms.


Payments which the Provider may accept may go through any of the following payment processors;

Coinbase Global, Inc. *
Stripe, Inc.

* = Coinbase transactions require a ticket to be opened on Xilla Tech’s Discord Server.

Payments shall be sent in United States Dollars, USD, which is used as the currency in this contract labeled ‘$’.


The instigation of chargeback via a payment processor or anything applicable is prohibited, the Client agrees to the utilization of this contract and their agreement to it may be used against them in the dispute.

The Provider will retain all Intellectual Property and usage rights of the Services if a chargeback is filed.


The Provider shall hereby be the only party of permission to terminate the Agreement. In order to terminate will the Provider need no such permission from the Client.

In the event of termination shall the following be of effect;

1. In the event where a party of such permission terminates the Agreement will the Provider retain his place as the sole owner of intellectual property.

Intellectual Property

The services which the Provider provides are of their ownership and only theirs, one may not claim them to be of their doing, creation or affiliation without written permission from the Provider.

The services provided, the Provider’s intellectual property is protected by the Intellectual Property Laws of the United States of America. Any violation of such in regard to Xilla Tech’s property may be countered.


Xilla Tech shall in no way, shape or form be liable for any system faults, data loss, direct and indirect losses, financial or reputational by the Client’s use of its services.


The Client agrees to indemnify, keep of harm, the Provider and their respective affiliates, under any circumstances of no breach of the Contract. May said indemnification outlive the termination of the Agreement.

Alterations to the Terms

The Provider may at any time, without or notice prior or after, make and enforce alterations to the Agreement.

Last Edited the 9th of May, 2021 at 4:28 PM Greenwich Mean Time.

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